Claudia TomassiniRAI Com announces sales catalog for MIPTV 2017 - Perennial favourites like Detective Montalbano joined by crimes real and imagined, soccer madness and high culture

RAI Com announces sales catalog for MIPTV 2017 - Perennial favourites like Detective Montalbano joined by crimes real and imagined, soccer madness and high culture

RAI Com, the Italian public broadcaster’s division for trading in content rights, will present a slew of new exciting titles in various formats at this year’s MIPTV.

Detective Montalbano (32 x 100’) remains one of RAI Com’s most popular series worldwide. The new episodes 29 and 30, first broadcast in Italy in late February and early March, present more confounding cases for Italy’s best-known detective, set as always in a Sicily rich in ambience and observed in loving detail.

Close Murders (12 x 100’ or 24 x 50’) has also conquered international audiences who will be waiting even more eagerly for the new second season to be presented at the Marché after the show reached phenomenal rating of 44% audience share in Italy recently. The Bastards of Pizzofalcone (6 x 100’), another crime series set in Southern Italy that has made waves in its Italian home market, is about the redemption of a rogue police unit in its fight against organized crime.

Beyond the tried-and-tested, RAI Com also brings a wealth of fresh content to the Croisette.
In a reminder that the refugee emergency has been with us for far longer than most people care to remember, the new mini series The Ghosts of Portopalo (2 x 100’) is inspired by one of Italy’s biggest shipwrecks: In 1996, fishermen off the southernmost point of Sicily, near the fishing village of Portopalo, rescue a boy from the sea. The boy has no memories of what happened to him, but soon more and more corpses are caught in the nets – victims of the sinking of a ship packed with refugees, of a disaster with an estimated 300 deaths that was never officially acknowledged by the authorities. Until, years later, the traumatized boy’s memories begin to emerge…

The seaside resort of San Benedetto del Tronto is the location for Tangled Lies (6 x 100’): The life of a single mother is thrown into anguish when her only daughter and a friend disappear on their way home one night. The whole community joins in a race against time to find the girls, uncovering the seemingly tranquil town’s dirty secrets.

The TV movie The Scarred Heart (100’) dramatizes the real-life story of Lucia Annibali, whose ex-boyfriend, a lawyer, had her doused in acid by two thugs, horrendously disfiguring her face.

"We are confident that our mix of well-known series and new content already successful in its home market will meet ready international demand for material that entertains but also engages with important real-world topics”, says Mattia Oddone, RAI Com’s Head of International Sales. “MIPTV has always been an important platform to bring the best of Italian content to a world-wide audience.”

In terms of documentaries, RAI Com will feature Crazy for Football. Director Volfgango De Biasi follows the first Italian National soccer team of patients in psychiatric hospitals and their psychiatrist and sports director Dr. Santo Rullo, former five-a-side football player Enrico Zanchini as coach and world boxing champion Vincenzo Cantatore as athletic trainer on their journey to the world cup in Osaka, Japan.

As befits Italy’s reputation as a country of the Arts, a number of documentary projects highlight cultural treasures. To name just one example, La Scala Docs presents a collection of monographic video documentaries that tell the story of great artists from the past and present, absolute protagonists in the history of Milan’s fabled La Scala opera house.