Claudia TomassiniDOMINGO - VENICE DAYS

Venice 2018


by Clara Linhart and Fellipe Barbosa

with Ítala Nandi, Camila Morgado, Augusto Madeira, Martha Nowill, Michael Wahrmann, Ismael Caneppele, Chay Suede, Silvana Silvia

Brazil, France, 2018, 95'

Production: República Pureza, Gamarosa, Damned Films in coproduction with co-production with Globo Filmes, Canal Brasil, Arte France Cinéma

International Sales: Films Boutique

January 1st, 2003. While Brazil celebrates the historical inauguration of president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, two families of the Brazilian landed gentry get together in an old, poorly maintained mansion, around a barbecue seasoned with champagne, family secrets, yearnings and frustrations. “Domingo” could be just like any other day – if it wasn’t for the boiling hormones of teenage boys, a sudden rainstorm and a little box full of cocaine hidden in the closet. 


Venice Screenings:

Press Screening: Friday 31/08 I 11:30 I Sala Perla               
Official Screening:  Sunday 02/09 I 17:00 I Sala Perla   
Repetition Screening: Friday 07/09 I 20:00 I Sala Perla 

Press Days: Saturday 01/09 & Sunday 02/09
Talents available: Fellipe Barbosa, Clara Linhart, Itala Nandi, Camila Morgado



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