Claudia TomassiniIL CONTAGIO - International Independents

Munich 2018

IL CONTAGIO - International Independents

by Matteo Botrugno and Daniele Coluccini

with Vinicio Marchioni, Anna Foglietta, Maurizio Tesei, Giulia Bevilacqua, Vincenzo Salemme, Daniele Parisi, Michele Botrugno, Alessandra Costanzo, Lucianna De Falco, Carmen Giardina, Fabio Gomiero, Nuccio Siano, Flonja Kodheli, Loris De Luna

Italy / 2017 / 105'

Production: Kimerafilm, Notorius Pictures, Gekon Productions, Rai Cinema, supported by MiBACT

World Sales: True Colours - Glorious Films

In a corner of the suburbs in a concrete council block on the third floor live Chiara and her husband Marcello, a former bodybuilder with unclear sexual preferences, Francesca, the disabled militant leftist and Bruno, Roma hooligan. Then there is Gianfranco, the drug dealer who tries to mess with the big guys, Eugenio AKA "spinning top", who works in a garage and finds love with the prostitute with whom he lives ... It is in this patchwork of countryside, suburbs and edges of cities that their stories intertwine, joining those of characters who live here by choice, perhaps to rebel or from curiosity. Flaminia married Bruno, disowning her family; the professor, sugar daddy to Marcello. With street language and dialect, we want to construct a tale that erases itself in a swarm of a thousand violent and grotesque stories, the sum of which, in the end, is zero.



Monday 02/07 I 17:30 I HFF Kino 1

Tuesday 03/07 I 20:00 I Theatiner Film




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